Case Study

British Airways

Client Overview

British Airways is a global airline, bringing people, places and diverse cultures closer together for more than 100 years.

Serving our community and planet is at the heart of everything we do, and we look forward to sharing our exciting sustainability
initiatives with you. The airline is the second largest UK-based carrier, based on fleet size and passengers carried, behind easyJet.

  • In January 2011 BA merged with Iberia, creating the
    International Airlines Group (IAG), a holding company
    registered in Madrid, Spain.

  • IAG is the world's third-largest airline group in terms of
    annual revenue and the second-largest in Europe.

  • British Airways is the first passenger airline to have
    generated more than US$1 billion on a single air route in a

  • It is headquartered in London, England.

  • 30,000+ employees


Problem Statement

  • Apple had launched the ‘Apple Passbook’ in 2012 and they contacted British Airways and American Airlines to integrate
    the passbook feature to make it convenient for the user to
    access their Boarding passes.

  • British Airways app has the ticket booking option and
    customer gets the e-boarding pass. But there were no
    options to organise the pass anywhere in the device to
    easily access the same.

Solutions Provided

  • Evangelist Software provided a solution to successfully
    integrate the Apple passbook on British Airways app. These
    make the customer journey much easier in order to scan
    and store their boarding pass.
    Boarding pass has been made accessible via the Apple
    watch which it made the movement of the passenger faster
    and avoids crowding/cluttered queues.

  • On integrating the wallet feature number of customer has increased as the overall experience was improved due to
    this feature.

  • These add on to the app let customer experience much
    better and allowed the Airlines to serve more customer in
    lesser time.



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