Case Study

Third Bridge’s Forum Mobile App

Client Overview

Third Bridge is a market-leading global investment research
firm in London UK. They provide unique, human-led insights
to some of the world’s largest hedge funds, mutual funds,
private equity funds and management consultancies to help
them make better investment decisions. They serve over
1,000 investment firms, offering clients 24/7 coverage
through our team of 1,200+ employees across eight offices.

Third Bridge run owns Forum. Forum is the biggest archive of
high-quality expert interviews in the world, providing
investors with critical knowledge to make smarter and faster
1,001-5,000 employees


Problem Statement

  • Third Bridge wanted to find better ways to introduce new
    potential users to its archive of high-quality expert

  • The client wanted users to have offline access to interview
    audio and transcripts.

  • Storage of interview contents needed to be secured, also
    preventing users from taking screenshots.

  • Users needed to be notified when new interviews were

  • The client wanted to make it convenient for users to search interviews from its huge collection of contents.

  • Easy access to interviews that users read/listened to

  • Prevent distribution of the interview transcripts through
    PDF files

Solutions Provided

  • Evangelist Apps contributed to the planning, design and development of Third Bridge Forum mobile app.

  • The Forum mobile app, which was developed for both iPhone & iPad platforms, provided easy access to Third Bridge forum
    interviews through a user-friendly interface.

  • The app had the option to download interview audio and
    transcripts. Users could download multiple contents at the
    same time and continue downloading when the app was in
    the background.

  • Secured storage of interview transcripts on CoreData, while
    the downloaded audio stored in app document directory.

  • Implemented a powerful and intuitive search feature to
    find interviews by companies and/or keywords.

  • User activity sections added to track listened and read interviews.

  • Added push notifications.

  • Implemented feature to prevent screenshot.



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