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Transforming Energy: British Gas Case Study

Client Overview - British Gas

British Gas, the UK’s leading energy supplier with a heritage spanning over two centuries, has always been at the forefront of providing reliable services to British households

With a presence in over 10 million homes nationwide, the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction has driven continuous innovation.

One such innovation was the creation of the ‘Submit Meter Reading’ app, developed in collaboration with Evangelist Apps.

Problem Statement - British Gas

Solutions Provided

Key Features :

  1. Easy Meter Reading Submission 

    The app streamlined the process of submitting meter readings, allowing customers to do so effortlessly. This significantly reduced the instances of billing inaccuracies.

  2. Mobile Torch for Clarity

    Recognising that some meters were located in dimly lit or hard-to-reach areas, the app included a mobile torch feature. 
    Customers could use their phone’s flashlight to clearly read meter readings, a widely appreciated feature. In fact, this innovation was later adopted by other energy suppliers as well.

  3. Comprehensive Account Management

    Customers could view their payment history, track energy consumption through intuitive charts, and even update their direct debit details, all within the app.
    This not only improved customer satisfaction but also reduced the burden on British Gas’s support team, leading to substantial cost savings.


Conclusion: 'Submit Meter Reading' Apps

British Gas, in partnership with Evangelist Apps, demonstrated thought leadership by addressing a long-standing challenge in the energy industry.

The ‘Submit Meter Reading’ app not only improved customer engagement and satisfaction but also set a benchmark for innovation in the sector.