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(UBS BANK) Union Bank of Switzerland

Client Overview - UBS Bank

Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), a prominent Swiss investment bank and financial services company, has a rich history of serving High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) and hedge fund managers with its expert account managers.

Recognising the need for agility in the ever-changing financial landscape, UBS bank sought to streamline the process of updating financial statements for their clients.

Evangelist Apps stepped in to provide a secure, dynamic solution for this crucial task.

Problem Statement - UBS Bank

Solutions Provided

Key Features :

  1. High-Fidelity UX Designs

    Evangelist Apps meticulously gathered requirements and gained a deep understanding of UBS’s business needs. The team then crafted high-fidelity UX designs rigorously reviewed and approved by UBS stakeholders, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient interface.

  2. Secure Data Access

    Recognising the sensitivity of client data, the app was designed to download only relevant client information on the meeting day. This ensured that under no circumstances would unauthorised access to other clients’ data be possible.

  3. Secure API Integration

    The app seamlessly integrated with secure APIs from the backend to ensure data integrity
    and confidentiality.

  4. Enterprise Distribution
    After three stages of rigorous internal approval at UBS, the app was rolled out to account managers. UBS later transformed it into an enterprise distribution, making it accessible to a wider audience within the organisation.


The UBS Financial Statements App revolutionised the way account managers interacted with clients and managed their portfolios:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency
    Account managers could now update financial statements on their iPads, eliminating the need for last-minute laptop updates. This streamlined process saved valuable time and reduced the risk of errors.
  2. Robust Data Security
    The app’s secure design and data access ensured the confidentiality and integrity of client information, meeting UBS’s strict security requirements.
  3. Improved Client Engagement
    With real-time access to updated financial statements, account managers provided clients with more informed and timely advice, enhancing overall client satisfaction.
  4. Internal Efficiency
    UBS saw internal efficiency gains, with a more streamlined and secure process for managing client data.


The UBS Financial Statements App exemplifies how collaboration with Evangelist Apps can lead to innovative, secure, and efficient solutions for financial institutions. UBS’s commitment to enhancing client engagement and data security was realised through this successful project.

As UBS continues to evolve and expand its services, it remains a leader in the financial industry, setting the standard for digital innovation and client service.