Times News

Client Overview

In 2010, the digital publishing world experienced a major change when Apple announced the launch of the iPad in the United Kingdom.

This caused a lot of excitement, and News Corp UK & Ireland Limited, which operates as News UK, was faced with a bold proposal.

Apple, a leader in consumer technology, suggested a collaboration to create custom iPad applications for two of News UK’s major publications: The Times and The Sun.

In an era of rapid digital transformation, crafting newspaper applications exclusively for the iPad was uncharted territory. But there was something complicating matters further: the

iPad’s operating system was still in its nascent stages, relying on beta software versions, adding complexity to the project. As such, the stage was set for a daunting endeavour to test the boundaries of innovation and collaboration.

To meet this monumental challenge head-on, News UK turned to Evangelist Apps, a dynamic player in the digital development arena.

Evangelist Apps quickly became an indispensable component of News UK’s digital team, embarking on a mission to conceptualise, design, build, and deliver iPad applications for The Times and The Sun within an astonishingly tight three-month timeframe.

Problem Statement

Solutions Provided

Key Features : Pioneering the Future of Digital Publishing
  1. Seamless Integration:

    Evangelist Apps seamlessly integrated the iPad applications with evolving iPad OS versions, ensuring optimal performance.

  2. User-Centric Design:

    User feedback drove continuous design updates, resulting in an app that catered to readers’ evolving preferences.

  3. Agile Development:

    Agile methodologies facilitated collaboration across teams and the ability to adapt rapidly to changing requirements.

  4. Robust Testing:
    Rigorous testing under various conditions, including network latency and challenging environments, ensured the app’s reliability.



Ultimately, News UK’s collaboration with Evangelist Apps in creating iPad applications for The Times and The Sun is a testament to their resilience and innovation in the face of technological challenges.

This case study exemplifies how a pioneering spirit, unwavering commitment to quality, and effective collaboration can lead to unparalleled success in the ever-evolving realm of digital publishing.

Evangelist Apps’ contributions have transformed digital publishing and set new standards for user experience and innovation in the industry.