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Thorough Examination of Third-Party Platforms

In Line with Industry Standards

Our recommendations are firmly rooted in industry best practices, adhering to A, AA, or AAA standards. This approach ensures your app meets legal requirements and offers an inclusive, accessible experience that aligns with the highest industry benchmarks.

Why Choose Evangelist Apps for Your App Accessibility Audit?

Expert Guidance:

 Our seasoned accessibility professionals bring extensive experience in evaluating and enhancing app accessibility across various platforms.

Comprehensive Approach:

We conduct thorough audits, examining every detail to ensure your app excels in accessibility across all user interactions.

Clear Recommendations:

All findings and recommendations are detailed in an accessible report, providing you with actionable insights for tangible improvements.

Innovative Solutions:

Our audits extend beyond mere compliance, offering innovative solutions to elevate the overall user experience, making your app a benchmark in accessibility.

Catering to Diverse App Platforms

Android and iOS Accessibility Audits: Tailored solutions for the two leading mobile platforms, ensuring your app delivers optimal performance and accessibility.

Custom App Accessibility Audits: Bespoke audits for unique and custom-built applications.

React Native and Flutter App Accessibility Audits: Specialized audits for apps built on modern cross-platform frameworks.

5G Technology and Wearable Device App Accessibility Audits: Future-proof your app by ensuring compatibility and accessibility with cutting-edge technologies.

Mobile and E-Commerce App Accessibility Audits: Enhance the shopping experience for all users, ensuring your e-commerce platform is accessible to everyone.

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At Evangelist Apps, we are committed to helping you create an app experience that is inclusive, accessible, and enjoyable for every user. Contact us today to learn more about how our accessibility audits can transform your app.