We’ll run this in conjunction with the discover and design process, where we’ll mock up a prototype and produce something that can be used on a device for user testing and gain immediate feedback on how everything slots together.

Our approach

What you’ll get from this phase

The pathway towards developing the best iOS App prototype for your business

Leveraging insights from the discovery and design phases, we mock up a prototype for testing on various devices. This stress test helps us refine the design and functionality, ensuring a robust foundation for your app.

Post-prototyping, we gather immediate feedback that becomes an integral part of the subsequent build process. This iterative approach allows us to refine and improve your product continuously.

At the conclusion of the prototyping phase, you receive a fully functional prototype, ready for testing and iteration. This critical step ensures that you have a tangible version of your product to refine before proceeding with the full build.

The output of the path

Why Evangelist Apps?

Our prototype development seamlessly integrates into our discovery and design process, ensuring continuity and efficiency in your app development journey.

We prioritize real-time user testing to create an app that not only meets but exceeds user expectations.

Benefit from an immediate feedback loop that informs the build process, enhancing the overall quality and functionality of your app.

Key features

Our prototype development runs concurrently with the discover and design process. By creating a mock-up that can be used on devices, we facilitate user testing to gain immediate feedback, ensuring your app’s functionality aligns with user expectations.

This process provides a crystal-clear picture of your product—how it looks, functions, and the necessary steps to enhance it further. Rapid testing, including user feedback, is a cornerstone of our approach.

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