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What is the Custom Zoom app?

The Custom Zoom App, “Connect,” is a comprehensive solution that allows for custom controls and features to offer a personalised Zoom experience for businesses and organisations. Using the latest SDK from Zoom, we’ve built an end-to-end solution for users to manage their meetings effectively and efficiently, ensuring they are tailored to specific needs.

Custom Zoom App | Evangelist Apps


The Custom Zoom App product can solve various complications for clients, including the need for tailored meeting controls, improved
management of Zoom meetings, increased efficiency, and enhanced security.

Hide/Show meeting buttons

Hide/Show meeting buttons

Hide/Show zoom meeting menu options based on each participant

Compliance officer

Compliance officer

Compliance officer can join the meeting without being visible to anyone

Strict security measures

Admin panel

The zoom app is completely complemented by an Admin panel

Strict security measures

Strict security measures.

Ensure that their meetings are secure and that only authorised personnel can access them. This can be especially important for companies that handle sensitive information or require strict security measures.

Latest technology

The product’s use of the latest cutting-edge technology, including Node and React, ensures a high level of performance and reliability.

Product portfolio

We offer end to end solution including an admin panel, web app, and iOS app

‘Connect’ admin panel

The Connect admin panel serves as the centralised management system for the Connect app offering various features to enhance the control & organisation of Zoom meetings tailored to specific needs

‘Connect’ web app

The Connect Web App is a customizable web-based solution for Zoom meetings, which provides tailored and secure meeting experiences, making it a valuable tool for businesses and organizations seeking to optimize their Zoom meetings.

‘Connect’ iOS app

The Custom Zoom iOS App is a specialized application designed to enhance the Zoom meeting experience on iOS devices.