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Process for App Migration Assessment

What you’ll get from this phase

A findings report that outlines scope of work, what the state of the app is, and recommendations on where to go next.

iOS App Migration Services by Evangelist Apps

App Migration Assessment Services

Embark on a journey towards enhanced performance and expanded horizons with Evangelist Apps’ iOS App Migration Services. Our App Migration Assessment Services ensure a smooth transition for your application, meticulously analyzing its features, technical estate, and potential areas for improvement.

Understanding Your Application

In the initial phase of our process, we delve deep into understanding your application – its core functionalities, unique features, and overall structure. This crucial step allows us to formulate a tailored migration plan that aligns perfectly with your app’s requirements.

Thorough Technical Estate Review

Our team conducts a comprehensive review of your app’s technical estate, examining code quality, integrations, library dependencies, and potential security concerns. We believe in leaving no stone unturned to ensure a seamless migration experience.

Clear View and Strategic Insights

Armed with a clear view of your app’s technical landscape, we outline a strategic approach to migration. Our experts identify potential challenges and devise a roadmap for a successful transition, ensuring minimal disruptions to your app’s functionality.

Product Readiness Check

Ensuring that your product is ready for migration is our priority. We verify that the product owner has access to the relevant app stores and that the application is poised for a smooth migration process.

Subject Matter Expert Analysis

A dedicated subject matter expert analyzes your application, providing a comprehensive understanding of its intricacies. The result is a detailed report outlining the scope of work and valuable recommendations for optimization.

What You'll Receive

At the end of this phase, you’ll be equipped with a findings report that serves as a roadmap for the migration journey. This report includes a detailed scope of work, an assessment of the app’s current state, and actionable recommendations on the next steps.

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App Migration Assessment Strategies

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