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iOS App Technical Strategy

Our approach

What you’ll get from this phase

You’ll receive a comprehensive report on where to take your product next, how it can be improved, what the code quality is like, and how we can help from a technical perspective.

What does the Technical Strategy by the iOS platform experts include?

Blueprint for Success

Our Technical Strategy Development services provide a comprehensive blueprint for your product or application, guiding you through the next stage of its life cycle. We analyze your existing application and outline the steps needed to propel it to new heights.

Code Quality Recommendations

Receive full recommendations on code quality, offering insights into areas that require improvement, refactoring, or even a complete rebuild. We ensure that your codebase aligns with industry standards for optimal performance and sustainability.

The Pathway towards the best iOS apps Technical Strategy.

Tailored to Your Goals

Our experts align the technical strategy with your specific goals. Whether it’s a rebuild or a refactor, we tailor our approach based on your application’s unique needs and your vision for its future.

Comprehensive Product Report

After a thorough assessment, you’ll receive a detailed report outlining the best possible next steps for your product. This includes insights on how to enhance your product, an evaluation of code quality, and actionable recommendations from a technical perspective.

Why do business owners choose Evangelist Apps for their iOS app Technical Strategy?

Proven Expertise

Benefit from our extensive experience in developing dozens of apps, making us a global leader in iOS app development.

In-Depth iOS Knowledge

Rely on technical strategy development from experts who intimately understand the intricacies of the iOS platform.

Holistic Technical Solutions

Our approach goes beyond development; we provide holistic technical solutions to elevate your product’s overall performance and user experience.


Our Process

What you’ll get from this phase

Once we’ve finished this workshop, we’ll have a clear view of what needs to happen and when.

We’ll also be able to understand how we’ll achieve it, and what the expectations are of all parties involved.

The path of roadmapping approach for the best iOS app

Collaborative Roadmapping Process

Our approach involves a collaborative roadmapping process that brings together key members of your team. Together, we map out the mission, vision, and the precise steps required to achieve the goals outlined in the discovery workshop.

Mission, Vision, and Next Steps

This is more than just a roadmap; it’s an opportunity to define the mission and vision of your project. We outline the next steps needed to bring your vision to life, turning aspirations into actionable plans.

The roadmap towards a great iOS app for your business by Evangelist Apps.

Analysis of Discovery Outcomes

We meticulously analyze the outcomes of the discovery phase, using the insights gained to inform and enhance the roadmapping process. This ensures that our roadmap aligns seamlessly with your project’s unique requirements and goals.

Strategic Planning

Collaboratively, we work out where you want to go next and strategize how we’ll get there. This involves a detailed discussion with key members of your team to establish clear objectives, mission, and values.

Team Involvement

Our collaborative process involves key members of your team, ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding the mission, values, and steps needed to achieve your project’s vision. This fosters alignment and a shared sense of purpose.

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