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Mobile App Accessibility Audit Services

Our Procedure

What you’ll get from this phase

You’ll have a detailed understanding of where your app currently sits in comparison to current accessibility standards, and where you can improve to meet guidelines.

Mobile app accessibility audit services

Thorough Examination of Third-Party Platforms

Our experts meticulously check versions of third-party platforms to safeguard your app against potential accessibility pitfalls. We ensure that your app remains compliant with guidelines and laws, providing a seamless experience for all users.

Insightful Navigation Path Analysis

Understanding your app’s navigation paths is crucial for a user-friendly experience. Our audit delves deep into these paths, identifying potential areas for improvement. We provide clear insights on enhancing navigation for users of all abilities.

Holistic Improvement Insights

We provide a detailed accessibility report outlining every aspect of your app, highlighting areas of strength and pinpointing opportunities for enhancement. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of where improvements can be made, if necessary.

In Line with Industry Standards

Our recommendations adhere to A, AA, or AAA standards, aligning with industry best practices. This ensures your app not only meets legal requirements but also provides an inclusive and accessible experience in line with the highest industry benchmarks.

What makes Evangelist Apps the top choice for mobile app accessibility audit?

Expert Guidance: Our seasoned accessibility professionals bring a wealth of experience in evaluating and enhancing app accessibility.

Comprehensive Approach: We leave no stone unturned, examining every detail to ensure your app excels in accessibility.

Clear Recommendations: All recommendations are detailed in an accessibility report, providing you with actionable insights for improvement.

Innovative Solutions: Our audits go beyond compliance, offering innovative solutions to enhance the overall user experience.

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