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Code Review

A full audit of your application to understand the code quality, commenting, integrations, where it’s been stored, and the app store integrations.

Our approach

What you’ll get from this phase

Why Choose Evangelist App's Digital MOT and Code Review?

Our team of seasoned experts conducts a comprehensive audit of every line of code within your application, ensuring its quality, security, and compliance with best practices.

We leave no software version unchecked, reviewing each one meticulously to assess their performance and identify areas for improvement.

Our detailed MOT (Maturity, Optimization, and Test) report provides a comprehensive overview of your app’s current state, along with rounded recommendations for enhancements.

Your app’s user interface and user experience are critically evaluated by our iOS app development experts. We pinpoint areas for improvement to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

We get under the bonnet of your product, dissecting its architecture to uncover hidden opportunities and suggest changes that can lead to significant improvements.

We examine your app’s integration with app stores to ensure it meets the necessary guidelines and positions your app for success.

Our audit delves deep into the quality of your code, including commenting, integrations, and storage practices, leaving no stone unturned.

Our expert team provides you with clear, actionable recommendations to enhance your app’s performance, security, and user experience.

Evangelist App’s Approach: We Look at Everything

We understand that you have a vision for your app, and we’re here to make it a reality. With our comprehensive Digital MOT and Code Review, you can trust us to examine and understand all things code, so you don’t have to. Leave the technical details to us while you focus on what you do best.

Digital MOT

A full audit on your application to see where improvements can be made to an already live product.

Our approach

What you’ll get from this phase

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