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In today’s era, our lives have become seamlessly intertwined with mobile apps. In a sea of choices offered by app stores, these digital companions have evolved into daily necessities, much like that morning cup of coffee.

Yet, despite hundreds of options, app developers encounter challenges to hook the users. Now, they have skillfully harnessed iOS Push Notifications to their advantage. This innovation provides a seamless and efficient method to keep users updated and engaged to ensure they return to the app regularly.

In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating usage of push notifications, uncovering how they’ve transformed user interaction and enhanced user experience.

Let’s jump right in.

What is Push Notification?

iOS Push notification has been all over the app market, but what it really is? It is a digital message that pops up on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, Apple watch etc) screen to keep people informed about relevant content. This message could be about app updates, new features, or any other important information. Interestingly, these notifications can be personalized according to the user’s interests, ensuring that users receive the information they need.

What is the mechanism behind iOS Push Notifications? Well, these notifications are either generated by the app locally or remotely from your server.

The app-generated notifications are often triggered by specific events like time or location, crafting content tied to these events.

On the other hand, remote notifications are generated by the by backend server when certain events are triggered.

Here’s how it actually works:

On the first launch of the app, it requests the Apple APNS server for the device token (which is unique for the app running on that device)APNS delivers the device token to the app.The app sends this device token to its server or involves other third-party push notification service providers.If the system uses its own architecture, the provider sends a request to Apple along with the device token and push details. Then, the APNS sends the Push Notification to the users.Notification of specific content will be received by the users.

4 Benefits of Push Notification You Need To Know

iOS Push Notifications not only benefit the developers but also assist businesses in various ways. This is also an effective tool for marketing and reaching out to the customer base.

Here are the most significant benefits of iOS Push Notifications.

1. Real-Time Alerts

The real-time alert feature of iOS Push Notifications allows you to customize and automate Push Notifications based on the user’s activity. By incorporating different marketing tools and SAAS, you can keep track of the time and activity of users and grasp their behaviour patterns.

This data ensures that the notification content is relevant, timely, and personalized according to your user’s preferences.

It also allows the users to get instant information and saves them from the hurdle of opening an email and finding the ad. The iOS notifications pop up during their most active time, handing the information users might be seeking.

2. Boost Customer Engagement

Push Notifications come with great customer-engaging power. That’s why businesses frequently incorporate this tool in their marketing campaigns. It allows you to interact directly with users, informing them about exclusive deals, innovative features, and upcoming events.

These concise, personalized, and striking messages prompt them to visit the website and discover what’s new.

But that’s not it; the iOS Push Notification empowers you to optimize customer interactions, ensuring a smooth experience and ultimately enhancing users’ engagement.

3. Enhanced Conversion Rates

Customers go through many stores daily, and after adding items to their cart, they leave without making a purchase. Making a buying decision from a store is not easy when there are tons of other options available. Similarly, only luring customers to your website is not enough; you need to convert them. And that’s the most challenging step of this whole process.

Once you get your ideal customer, it’s crucial to reel them in. And here, push notifications come into play. Push notifications make the user see what the business offers and how it aligns with their needs. If the content is well-crafted, compelling, and resonates with the users, it will surely enhance their conversion rate.

4. Enhanced Customer Care

Unlike SMS or emails, Push Notifications have greater potential and a higher open rate. This remarkable attribute positions it as a powerful tool for elevating customer satisfaction with unparalleled efficiency.

When a notification pops up on the user’s screen with content that aligns with their interest, it eventually enhances their customer journey.

For instance, the app monitors the interactions; it may track any problem that the user encounters. Following this, a pop-up notification appears that directs them to the relevant help section of the FAQ page. This page has ready solutions tailored according to their problem. Thus, it eventually transforms the user’s experience in a seamless manner.

There are three types of Push Notifications. Let’s discover them:

Web Push Notifications — The notifications are sent mainly through Desktop web or mobile web. On desktop, messages slide from the screen’s top or bottom, while mobile devices showcase standard pop-up Push Notifications. Web Push Notifications arrive when users are active, regardless of website usage.Desktop Push Notifications — These notifications appear only on the user’s desktop, triggered by the apps that are already installed there.Mobile app Push Notifications — These tailored messages pop up on the user’s screen when they are actively using their device.

Summing it up, iOS Push Notification has played a vital role in engaging with users and boosting their involvement. The personalized notifications offer real-time alerts, enhance customer engagement, boost conversion rates, and elevate customer care.

By integrating user behaviour and preferences, these push notifications created a dynamic bridge between businesses and their audiences.

Want to know how push notifications can help your business? Book a call with me right now and get the complete road map!

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