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How to Choose the Right Mobile App Development Framework for Your Project

Mobile App Development Framework

By 2024, we humans will have downloaded over 200 billion apps from all major app stores. And why not try to grab a spot for your business? From hailing cabs to ordering food, these mobile applications have been integral to our lives.  Imagine you have a brilliant app thought out for your business and have […]

The Importance of User Experience (UX) Design in Mobile App Development

User Experience Design in Mobile App Development

When talking about mobile app development, we have often come across the term UI/UX. And while most of us are familiar with UI or User Interface, many still fail to grasp the meaning and necessity of UX or User experience. In other words, simply being flashy is not enough for a mobile app. It also […]

The Future of Mobile App Development: Trends to Watch in 2024

Future of Mobile App Development | Evangelist Apps

The Future of Mobile App Development: Trends to Watch in 2024 TABLE OF CONTENT AI-Powered Apps – Mobile App Development Trends There’s a hype of Artificial… There’s a hype of Artificial… 5G Technology – Mobile App Development Trends As we all are aware, ‘5G’… With the help of 5G… Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) As clear […]

10 Must-Have Features for Your Next Mobile Apps

Must Have Mobile Apps Features

10 Must-Have Features for Your Next Mobile Apps TABLE OF CONTENT Intuitive user interface (UI)- mobile apps The very basic and foremost… Personalization options – mobile apps Today everyone is running… Cross-platform compatibility Another must-have feature… Seamless integration with social media An app integrated with social… Offline functionality Sometimes, the users get… Robust Security Measures […]

Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Successful Mobile App

BEHIND THE SCENES: THE MAKING OF A SUCCESSFUL MOBILE APP TABLE OF CONTENT Discovery phase: The blueprint of success Every groundbreaking mobile… Design and development: Where creativity meets technology Once the groundwork is laid… The technical backbone: App code analysis A pivotal aspect of app… Testing and quality assurance: The pursuit of perfection Quality assurance […]

Navigating the Future: A Deep Dive into Mobile App Development Trends in the Netherlands for 2024

mobile app development

NAVIGATING THE FUTURE: A DEEP DIVE INTO MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT TRENDS IN THE NETHERLANDS FOR 2024 TABLE OF CONTENT Swiftui Dominance Revolutionising iOS App… Versatility Unleashed Kotlin and Flutter Leading… Diverse app development Tailoring Solutions to… React native prowess Bridging Platforms for… Embracing Advanced Technologies AI, Big Data, and Machine… Conclusion As we navigate the […]

iOS 17 — Pie Charts & Donut Charts inSwiftUI

Pie Charts & Donut Charts in SwiftUI

IOS 17 — PIE CHARTS & DONUT CHARTS INSWIFTUI TABLE OF CONTENT Struct monthlysales Pie Chart… Donut chart… Share this article Introduced in iOS 16, Charts is a powerful and concise SwiftUI framework for transforming our data into informative visualizations. With SwiftUI Charts, we can build effective and customizable charts with minimal code. If you are new […]

Exploring the Potential of AugmentedReality in iOS App Development

Augmented Reality in iOS App Development

EXPLORING THE POTENTIAL OF AUGMENTEDREALITY IN IOS APP DEVELOPMENT TABLE OF CONTENT Understanding Augmented Reality Before we dive into the… Arkit: Apple’s ar framework Apple, always at the… 1. Gaming and entertainment 2. Retail and e-commerce 3. Education and training 4. Navigation and wayfinding 5. nealtchare and medical training Key takeaways Augmented Reality (AR) is… […]

Cultural Sensitivity in App Development: Navigating Challenges and Strategies for Global Users

Flutter App Development company | Evangelist Apps

CULTURAL SENSITIVITY IN APP DEVELOPMENT: NAVIGATING CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIES FOR GLOBAL USERS TABLE OF CONTENT Why does cultural sensitivity matter so much? Imagine you’re a user trying… Challenges in developing culturally sensitive apps Creating an app that… Case Study: Duolingo Let’s take a look at Duolingo… Key takeaways Cultural sensitivity is… Share this article In […]